E8EU B.V. is a Dutch forwarding company specialized in B2B import freight, for both traditional trade goods and e-commerce goods.

We are your import forwarder in the Netherlands. Compliance is at our core!

  • We accept sea, air, rail and road shipments. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, we manage import declarations and offer warehousing if needed.  Delivery is available to any destination within the European Union. 

  • By choosing our services, you can enjoy reduced overall logistics costs and optimized cost performance. Our direct connections ensure more efficient and transparent communication.

  • We provide import declaration with fiscal representation services in the Netherlands for non-Dutch importers, enabling you to save on cash flow with VAT deferment.

  • We provide guidance to our clients on importing products into the European Union as extra service.                                                     
  • We can act as a represented importer for the import declaration for our non-EU clients.

For more information and a quotation, please feel free to contact us!

E8EU B.V. is a proud member of the Dutch freight forwarders association, FENEX.  The latest Dutch Forwarding Conditions apply to all our activities and services.